Signature Series

Every grape from Kestrel View Estate is tended to and intended to, be blended into our Signature Series in a First Growth Bordeaux House Mentality. This presents the perfect canvas to create and design a multiple tiered system.  From the Signature Series and Winemaker's Select Series our premier fruit can then be declassified to our Falcon Series; wines made at an everyday price point.  With the Signature Series, our consumers can purchase full varietals, or our Raptor Red blend for around fifty to sixty dollars.  

2011 Old Vine Cabernet Sauvignon

The grapes were harvested form Kestrel View Estate Vineyards and Olsen Estate Vineyards. The grapes were planted in 1972 and 1982 respectively, making them some of the oldest plantings in the state. They produce small intensely flavored crops, small canopies and small berries. The resulting wines are concentrated and elegant. These old vines are truly something special.

The color is a rich purple-plum. In the aroma you will be greeted by ripe black cherry, red currents, raspberry, pomegranate, black pepper, caramelized sugar, and dried herbs. These intensified flavors glide across your palate as if in velvet slippers. The finish is elegant and refined, allowing sweet fruit flavors to repeat and linger. Decanting or aeration will help you to fully enjoy this delightful wine. Read the full wine description »

2012 Petit Verdot

The color at the margins reminds me of rubies.  In the aroma you will be greeted by a beautiful floral element, followed by dark rich flavors of cherry, blueberry, black plums, blackberry, black pepper, cloves, anise, coffee, cedar, tar and leather.  These flavors glide across your palate with velvety softness.  The body is elegant and refined, allowing fruit, spice and earthy flavors to repeat and linger. One of my absolute favorite wines of the vintage! Read the full wine description »


2013 Port

This is a unique port blend we came up with after using several different varietals. The color is dark and inky and appears heavy. The aromas of big fruit mixed with spice and heat are very inviting. Jam aromas of blackberry, huckleberry and pie notes are complemented with oak, tobacco and licorice at the end. The natural sweetness preserved from the grapes is balanced by the brandy. The result is a long powerful finish.

Perfect for an after dinner drink, or just by the fire, on a cold winter night. The Port was created by stopping the fermentation early, with the addition of neutral brandy spirit. The brandy was created using grapes from Kestrel View Estate. The high alcohol and sugar combat oxidation and aging in the wine, allowing you to have a snapshot of what the flavors were like in late October 2013 and to enjoy them for many years to come.

Our Port is created in the vineyard by reducing the crop to one cluster per shoot. The fruit is then allowed to ripen as long as possible. We harvested the grapes late in the season to get extra sugar in the fermentation to balance the port once it was fortified.

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